Belize Grand Slam Flats Flies Kit

Belize Grand Slam Flats Flies Kit
Belize Grand Slam Flats Flies Kit
Belize Grand Slam Flats Flies Kit
Belize Grand Slam Flats Flies Kit
Belize Grand Slam Flats Flies Kit
Belize Grand Slam Flats Flies Kit
Belize Grand Slam Flats Flies Kit
Belize Grand Slam Flats Flies Kit
Belize Grand Slam Flats Flies Kit
Belize Grand Slam Flats Flies Kit
Belize Grand Slam Flats Flies Kit
Belize Grand Slam Flats Flies Kit

Belize Grand Slam Flats Flies Kit

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The fertile Caribbean waters of Belize are home to some of the world's biggest and most challenging Permit. In between taking shots at Permit, anglers can work on filling a coveted "Grand Slam" with abundant populations of hungry Bonefish and epic Tarpon migrations.

There is no harder earned trophy on the flats than landing a Permit on a fly rod. It's what got us into the fly business and this is what we live for. Our team has decades of experience guiding, outfitting, and casting at these elusive fish from Mexico to our home Island, Guanaja. We know the importance of matching the crabs to the bottom and designing heavy Permit flies that can still hit the water with stealth.

The angler is in control of the cast, retrieve and hook set. We can't help you there, but we do guarantee that you have the best flies you could possibly want to show that Permit of a lifetime when he goes tail's-up over your fly!

Our reputation for quality flats flies has made Guide Flies the preferred permit flies by many lodges including the world-famous Tarpon Caye Lodge in Placencia. These exclusive guide-designed flats flies are now available for the first time in our signature Belize Grand Slam Flats Fly Kits.

Most anglers cringe at the thought of having to hunt down the exact right flies online and hope they are tied on decent hooks or have weed guards. Guide Flies ensures success by only using the finest quality hooks from Tiemco, Daiichi, and Gamakatsu. All of our patterns are tested on the most challenging flats and produce violent grabs from permit, shot after shot. We choose the flies for each kit so you can focus on practicing your double haul and not trout setting when the moment of truth comes!

Dave McKenna will personally hand select each kit, so if you need a particular color or have a special request, leave a note at checkout or send us an email and we'll do our best to customize your kit! We can select heavier or lighter flies if you let us know.

Guide's Flies Belize Kits Include 12, 24, or 60 flats flies with a custom selection for your targeted species.

Permit Selection:

Tim's Quartz Crab, Olive - Sand -White
Kung Fu Crabs: White - Tan - Olive
Crab Brûlée: Tan - White - Olive
Guide Twister Crabs: Olive - White
Guide Flexo Crabs: White - Sand - Reef Grey - Olive
Guide Avalons: Tan - Spawning OJ
Ultralight Avalons: Olive - Mantis Green
Tims Bugger Mantis: Olive
Predator Mantis: Coyote
Body Guard Mantis: Olive - Sand
Dave's Psycho Mantis: Tan - Olive - White
Sand Mantis: White

Bonefish Selection:

Guide Squimp: Tan - Olive - White
Guide Spawning Shrimp: White - Tan
Guide Bitters: Olive - Tan - Orange
Guide Charlies: Tan - Pink
Guide Gotchas: Tan
Dr. Taylor's Bonefish Puff
XO Shrimp: Pink - White - Tan

Tarpon Selection:

Guide Toads: Black/Purple, Chartreuse/White, Red/Black
Guide Mullet: Mangrove - Black/Purple - Black/Green - Mullet
Guide Gummy Minnows

Meet the Guanaja Fly Tyers Guild. They are the primary supplier and designers for Guide Flies and the inspiration to pass on the art of fly tying to this incredibleisland community. 



It started by recognizing the natural fly tying talent that existed in the community of Guanaja. The guides and family members of the Fly Fish Guanaja staff had learned the basics of fly tying and made creative flies for technical permit and bonefish that were not easily fooled. 


Over the the last three years they have worked hard to perfect their craft. What began as an experiment in the beach front cabana, has turned into one of the greatest small business opportunities for the Island of Guanaja.  


The team of fly tyers that make the Guanaja Fly Tyers Guild is instructed and led by Dave McKenna. They work daily to make the custom tied flies you can purchase through our website. They are self managed and work with an entrepreneurial approach to their business of fly tying. 


Through the challenges of passing hurricanes and the Covid-19 pandemic, they have persevered and worked with pride to make the flies we offer here. 

We all thank you sincerely for the support and orders that have helped bring the entire team through the hardest parts of the past year. We are very excited to share our newest flies and designs with you!


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