Guide's Small Fly Kit


Guide's Small Fly Kit

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We read Ed Engle's book "Fishing Small Flies" and took some notes! The big lesson is tie them sparse and focus on imitative profiles. Use the best hooks and get a good drift, the fish always respond. However, it can still pose a challenge to most veteran guides and authors.

Our team has years of experience fishing, guiding, and designing tiny flies for some of North America's most famous and technical tailwaters. We feel bad seeing people ignore the smallest flies in their box when the #20 or #22 is what they are eating. These smaller, imitative flies are mandatory for fishing the colder winter months on both freestones and tailwaters.

Most fly anglers hesitate at the thought of threading a microscopic #22 hook eye with 6x or 7x tippet in the winter or cringe at the standard tiny hook gaps on bulky tied commercial flies. We reverse-engineered our tiniest Mayhems, G Midges, and RS200's on hooks that solve all of the above issues. We specifically use barbless Firehole Hooks on our smallest flies for their extra-large hook eyes and extra-wide hook gaps. These have held up without fail on some of the Rockies' largest brown trout. Extra sharp claw points one these hooks penetrate easily and hold strong.

Guide Flies takes all the guesswork out of tailwater fly selection with our specialized kits. These flies are downsized to match the smaller insect profiles of colder months. We also select each pattern to effectively fish in tandem to maximize your odds, even when fish are feeling a little sluggish.

We use the best UV Tinsels, Nano Silk threads, flash, and dubbings from Semperfli in the UK to get the smallest profiles on the largest gap hooks for all of our signature small flies.

Dave McKenna will personally hand select each kit, so if you need a particular color or have a special request, leave a note at checkout or send us an email and we'll do our best to customize your kit! We can select heavier or lighter flies if you let us know.

Signature Small Fly Kits Include 24, 36 or 60 flies with a varied selection of:
- Guide Mayhems: Black, Olive, Brown in Sz. #18-22 hooks
- RS200's: Black, Olive, Grey in #18-22
- G Midges: Black - Red - Olive #18-22
- Guide Chromies: Caddis & Copper #18

Add an Ultra Slim Magnetic 6-Compartment Fly Box with logo for $7.00

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