Ultimate Saltwater Fly Kits

Ultimate Saltwater Fly Kits

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    The Ultimate Saltwater Fly Kits are packed with our newest selections of flies for the 2022 season and feature premium, custom-tied flies. Each assortment is a variety of our best flies that will cover most fishing scenarios for each species. The larger the kit, the more patterns and varieties we can add.

    Since each kit is hand-selected, we can customize the colors and sizes on certain flies if you have a particular destination you need them for. 

    4 products
    Ascension Bay Flats Fly Kit 12 ct.
    Ultimate Redfish Fly Kit
    from $19.99 Regular price $25.00 Save $5.01
    Ultimate Southern Coastal Fly Kit
    from $69.95
    Ultimate Striped Bass & Albie Fly Kit
    from $19.95

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