Crab Flies

Crab Flies

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    You could say that crab flies are a way of life for the fly tyers at the Guanaja Fly Tyers Guild in Guanaja. They have been through every step of the development, testing and production of each pattern we offer at Guide Flies. 

    Each pattern is uniquely different than any commercially available version. We seek out unique color schemes and materials that are special to our flies. They have seen the toughest flats around the globe and perform to the worlds highest standards. 

    For 2021 we have transitioned many of our flats flies to Umpqua premium saltwater hooks including X-Series Flats Hooks. They offer superior hooking and holding power. 

    19 products
    Flexo Crabs
    Kung Fu Crabs
    Combo Crabs
    Sale price $8.25 Regular price $24.00
    The Tail Chaser - 2 Pack
    Perez Crab *Limited Edition*
    Sale price $10.00 Regular price $12.00
    Guanaja Grand Slam Fly Kit
    from $90.00
    Tequila Twisters
    Body Guard Crabs
    HD Camo Crabs
    The Delphi Daddy - 2 Pack
    UFC Crabs
    D-Back Crabs
    Nano Crabs
    Crab Brûlée
    Sale price $8.00 Regular price $10.00
    Ultimate Permit Kits
    from $96.00
    K-Bar Crab
    Sale price $9.00 Regular price $12.00
    Guide Fleeing Crabs - 2 Pack
    Ultimate Southern Coastal Fly Kit
    from $0.00
    Ultimate Redfish Fly Kit
    from $19.99 Regular price $25.00

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