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Guide Floater
Guide Floater
Guide Floater

Guide Floater

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There is no greater pleasure in freshwater fly-fishing than throwing huge dry flies to huge fish, and our Guide Floater brings this joy to a new level. The mop chenille body sits on the water with its egg sack under the surface, imitating big dry flies laying eggs, the most vulnerable stage of the fly. The foam layer on top along with the crinkle hair makes for an extremely buoyant fly that pops right back up after rapids.

  • The orange Guide Floater imitates the classic large salmon-colored stonefly found all over the country especially May and June on western rivers.

  • The golden Guide Floater imitates the golden Stone typically hatching after the salmon-colored one and continues throughout the summer.

  • The olive Guide Floater imitates the green grasshoppers prevalent through Summer and into a Fall.

All of our Guide Floaters are topped off with a patch of high visible crinkle hair to make the fly easy to see.


Stoneflies are an entomological phenomenon, we get to see some of nature’s tiniest wonders in big scale. Stonefly nymphs take up to 3 years to molt, then hatch. They grow up to 2 inches long hen crawl to the rocks, river banks, and leaves to molt, shedding an exoskeleton and emerging big a beautiful like a butterfly. Trout tend to eat up to 80% of there food for year during this 2-3 week hatch, gorging themselves. Needless to say the fly-fishing becomes legendary. Next to the famous stonefly hatch, grasshoppers are one of anglers’ biggest delight. Warm Summer weather triggers massive hopper hatches on rivers throughout the world. Hoppers live in grasses on the rivers’ edge and many fall into the river hopping around by accident, enough for trout stack up and feed.


Anytime a river has stoneflies or hoppers our Guide Floaters will prevail. They are most fun fished alone, allowing for casts to land within a centimeter of the bank, this technique is most enjoyed from a boat. Guide Floaters are also ideal for dry-dropper fishing. The floating power Is so great with this fly it acts like an indicator, holding as many droppers as you want and still floating. This fly eliminates the need for an indicator while nymphing, especially when using our tungsten-beaded jig nymphs.


“The Guide Floater is the best stonefly the Black Canyon has ever seen.” —Matt Selig, 20-year veteran Colorado Guide

“The Guide Floater is crucial for hopper fishing anywhere, easy to see and floats like a cork.” —Mal Burks, 22-year veteran Colorado Guide

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