Partridge & Purple Soft Hackle

Partridge & Purple Soft Hackle
Partridge & Purple Soft Hackle

Partridge & Purple Soft Hackle

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Limited Edition

I was inspired by Davie Whitlock to only fish with a box of classic soft hackle flies for the summer of 2016. I tied up a box of soft hackles in every color ahead of a western roadtrip for Douglas Outdoors.

The best fly in the box was a purple & partridge. I added a rib of violet Semperfli Micro Metal to this fly and tie it on a #14 Firehole wet fly hook. 

I had more fun and caught more fish because I wasted no time digging through boxes. All you have to do is cast down and across and let the flies do the work.

Pull over to any random stream with a multi-fly soft hackle rig and you find out quickly if there's any trout! 

-Dave McKenna

Meet the Guanaja Fly Tyers Guild. They are the primary supplier and designers for Guide Flies and the inspiration to pass on the art of fly tying to this incredibleisland community. 



It started by recognizing the natural fly tying talent that existed in the community of Guanaja. The guides and family members of the Fly Fish Guanaja staff had learned the basics of fly tying and made creative flies for technical permit and bonefish that were not easily fooled. 


Over the the last three years they have worked hard to perfect their craft. What began as an experiment in the beach front cabana, has turned into one of the greatest small business opportunities for the Island of Guanaja.  


The team of fly tyers that make the Guanaja Fly Tyers Guild is instructed and led by Dave McKenna. They work daily to make the custom tied flies you can purchase through our website. They are self managed and work with an entrepreneurial approach to their business of fly tying. 


Through the challenges of passing hurricanes and the Covid-19 pandemic, they have persevered and worked with pride to make the flies we offer here. 

We all thank you sincerely for the support and orders that have helped bring the entire team through the hardest parts of the past year. We are very excited to share our newest flies and designs with you!


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